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SBA Loan | Nationwide Funding

SBA For Small Property Business owner

Small Business Loan

10% Down Payment for Owner Occupied Property
Industrial Bldg, Warehouse, Medical, Office

check/markAmount:   $5,000,000 max

check/markDown Payment:  10%

check/markTerm:  25 years

check/markRate:  Prime rate plus margin

check/markDCR:   1.20

check/markPre-pay:  5-3-1

green/check/mark51% Owner-Occupied

green/check/markSome restrictions may apply

green/check/markRates & fees are subject to change

green/check/markAppraisal and Phase I report required


green/check/markPersonal guarantee

green/check/markThree year financial


Type of business:

-Dry Cleaner
-Liquor Store
-Coin Laundry
-Medical Practice
-Taco bell
-El Pollo loco
-Jack in the box
-Carl's Junior
-Pizza man
-Union 76


One approval, one closing, one payment per month


SBA Program

•    Purchase land or buildings
•    Construct or renovate facilities
•    Provide working capital
•    Purchase machinery, equipment, fixtures
•    Purchase inventory

 Commercial Real Estate & SBA

SBAThe Small Business Administration was created in 1953 upon the passing of The Small Business Act of July 30th 1953. The SBA’s mission is to “aid, counsel, assist and protect small businesses”.

Small Business lending provides unique products that can be offered to existing and potential customers by mitigating the risk associated with providing longer term financing to small businesses.

By using SBA Complete outsourcing services, your lending institution can offer these products with peace of mind that the documentation and servicing is performed correctly.

If you already are have put together your own internal Small Business Loan department, it may make sense to have SBA Complete “on your team” for ongoing technical assistance or on the spot consulting services (training, review, improvement of efficiencies).

The SBA 7(a) Program is a guaranteed program, where the lending institution makes the loan, but SBA steps in with the payment of their guaranteed portion if the loan defaults. It is used to make term loans for most any type of financing needed by a for-profit operating business. For the fiscal year end 2011 the SBA approved 53,729 loans for 2,727 financial institutions. The gross loan approvals were $19.7 billion and the guaranteed amount was $15.4 billion.

SBA are available from commercial banks and lenders as part of a City Capital Realty program offered by the Small Business Administration. These Federal loans are very appealing to small business owners because they offer excellent terms. SBA for instance, generally require much smaller down payments than traditional real estate finance from commercial lenders.

Small Business Loan are usually used to finance commercial real estate property. SBA 7(A) program require a 10% down payment and offer lower interest rates than traditional conventional loans. In addition, you may be able to borrow up to five million dollars depending on a variety of different circumstances.

Small Business Loan popular among small business owners. The most common SBA are the 7(a) and the 504 loan packages; both deal with commercial real estate investments owner occupied businesses. One of the best ways to ensure you get financing from the SBA is to work with an experienced officer. City Capital Realty knows the ins and outs of the SBA program and is the best resource for ensuring you get the funds in a timely fashion.

Eligibility for Business Loan

•    An applicant business must operate for profit
•    A business loan applicant must have reasonable owner equity to invest
•    A business must be able to meet all its debt payments, not just its loan payments
•    A business must operate in the United States or its possession
•    Personal guarantees by all business owners (20% or greater) are required
•    Have net worth no greater than $15 million and net profit after taxes below $5 million in the last two operating years
•    Business owner(s) must have acceptable personal credit
•    Be organized as a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or limited-liability corporation (LLC)
•    Business must be owner-operated
•    A business must operate in the United States or its possessions


7(a) SBA program


For purchase of Gas Station, Car Wash, Franchise Restaurant, Liquor Store, Dry Cleaner, Pharmacy, Medical Practice, Grocery Market, Coin Laundry.

Brand name gas station : ARCO , Chevron, Texaco, Mobil / Exxon, Union 76, Valero , Shell,


SBA business only (without property)


UCC filing: On all business and personal assets until loan is secured 100%

Size $200,000 to $5,000,000

Term: Up to 10 year fully amortized

Index: Wall street journal prime rate plus a margin

LTV: Up to 65% financing for qualifying transactions

DCR: Minimum 1.20

Recourse: Personal guarantee by all principals on SBA

Pre-payment: None

Occupancy Requirement: 100% must be owner occupied


Will be determined upon receiving of appropriate documents:There year business and personal tax returns, including personal financial Statements, application, escrow instruction.

All financing is subject to credit approval, other restriction may apply. Qualification requires owners to be U.S. citizens or permanent resident.

A 7(a) guaranteed loan is actually a lender approved and funded loan by participant qualified lender, guaranteed by SBA, and subject to regulations, policies, procedures and eligibility requirements.

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